The Hall for All : All for The Hall

Guiding Principles

The existence of the Hall is to:

– provide space for the benefit of the local community, either by  gathering folk in or providing activities to support good living

– support a healthy and cohesive community

– be inclusive of all lifestyles, cultures, and generations

– be respectful and considerate of individuals within the community 

Mission Statement

The Management Team of the Hall has the responsibility to ensure:

– A friendly welcome to local users and visitors

– Viable strategies are created for the financial security of the Hall, covering both the running costs and maintenance

– A safe environment compliant to regulations

– The records and guidelines are organised, complete, accessible and be in a state they are easy to follow, reviewed and updated when appropriate

– The community has the opportunity to share, care, explore and have fun through a diversity of activities

Vision Statement

For future planning, both short term and long term, aims need to be identified and timelines set. The focus would wrap around the maintenance of the Hall, physical improvements structurally and visually, as well as the encouragement of activities to support the community, organised internally and externally.

– To build a community of respect

– To plan sustainable financing to support the fundamental requirements of running the Hall.

       – Insurance

       – Maintenance

       – Future  developments

– To resource locally, as a priority – expertise, materials and produce

– To build on developing divers activities and opportunities available to the community

– To ensure the Hall and attached buildings are attractive and remarkable, reflecting the heritage of the area

– To develop a fee structure for the use of the Hall to encouraging a range of activities from enriching the community to family entertainment

– To actively encourage innovation within the catchment area of the Hall. A community that promotes, stimulates and welcomes open discussion and thoughtful ideas and suggestions

 – To preserve the history of the Hall to inform the local community and encourage interest from the wider communities enhancing appreciation for the Hall and its surrounds

Constitution Document

The Hall for All : All for The Hall