Privacy Policy

The Cedar Creek Public Hall is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information of all the visitors to this site. As a part of our commitment, our Privacy Policy describes the type of information about our visitors we collect; why we collect it and where it goes.


  1. We passively collect information that is automatically sent to us by your web browser. This information typically includes your domain name (the name after the “@” symbol in your e-mail address). We also may collect your user name (the name before the “@” symbol in your e-mail address). The amount of information sent depends on your own web browser’s settings; please refer to your browser software documentation if you want to learn more about the type of information it sends.
  2. We use the information we automatically receive from your web browser to determine which pages you visit within our site. The Cedar Creek Public Hall can then develop and analyse statistics that will help us understand how our visitors use this site. This statistical data is interpreted by The Cedar Creek Public Hall in our continuing effort to present website content sought by our customers in a format they find most helpful.
  3. We actively collect information when you contact us on this site. If you e-mail us, you are voluntarily releasing information to us. If you answer questions we have placed on the page, you are also voluntarily releasing that information to us.
  4. The Cedar Creek Public Hall will not share your e-mail address with any third parties other than The Cedar Creek Public Hall or its partners and its affiliates. . We may also use it to investigate security breaches or cooperate with authorities pursuant to a legal matter.
  5. Information collected will be held for necessary communication purpose for activities associated with the Cedar Creek Public Hall.
  6. If you have any questions on the above privacy policy points email us at

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