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Upcoming Events!

The Welcome to Winter Soup Day is back!

The Welcome to Winter Soup Day has always been a great event, this is one of 3 larger yearly events offered to raise money to keep the Hall available to the community. It is some time since this event has been hosted and we are excited to see it’s return.



For this event to be a success we are in need of your help! below is a little overview of how you can be a part of The Welcome to Winter Soup Day. If you are able to assist please contact us via email or phone 0414 481 319



What we need for the day to be a success;



– Soup Donations – Pumpkin, Minestrone or Pea & Ham (No Bones) – Delivered on the day before midday, some donations could be given the     day before if need.

– Crock pots to warm soup, even if you are not making soup the loan of a crock pot would be helpful. Don’t forget to attach you details to it.

– Dessert Donations – Sweets that can be eaten from a napkin, slices are preferable, however we are excited to receive any sweets that can      be served with a napkin.

– Local talent! do you play an instrument and love getting in front of people? we would love to hear from you for this event and future events.

– On the day assistance, we will need some help to set up in the morning, soup servers, soup warmers, dessert/bread servers and clean-up       assistance. 



Additional Event Details;


– Soup will be available from Midday to 4pm then a Sausage Sizzle will kick in. 

– Soft Drinks, Tea and Coffee will be sold on the day.

– Kids games are available on the day, well behaved dogs are welcome.

– Please bring your favourite sun downers to enjoy and any additional treats you require.

– Bring along your picnic rug,  chairs and Soup cup!


  Thank you for your support.


Coming up at The Samford Museum

The 75th Anniversary of the 1947 Camp Mt Rail Crash will be commemorated at the Samford Museum on Monday 2nd June. 

Viewing displays of material recalling the disaster will be 10am – 2pm.

No Formal service will be held, however this is a time to reflect on this moment in our local history.

For more information call Geoff 0417 610 983

The Samford Museum is located at 21 Station Street, Samford Village

News report on the accident

A big thank you to the below for their support!

The new shed

Thank you to Hall’s members – Sean & Jan Crawford for donating a 3m x 3m shed to the Hall and laying a concrete base. And thanks to committee members Steph and Belinda for rallying members Damien, Brett and Michael to erect the shed. Definitely a team effort by all that were involved in seeing this come to fruition.

March Fair


The last weekend in March was a busy weekend for the Hall,  with both TGIF and Market Fair events on, there was a lot happening.

 Thank you to everyone that attended and to the Rescue Organisations, Performers and Celebrities that supported our Market Fair day.

Nigel Allsopp for Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation

RaDHA the mascot from RAAF Dog Handlers Association with Ray Thompson, on behalf of Australian War Animals. Wattavu Pilot War Animals mascot with Alexa Waldau: I am a representative of Heavy Horses that served in war on behalf of the ‘Australian War Animals Memorial Organisation . fb Wattavue Pilot Animal Mascot .


Heather Clarke + The Samford Folk Dance Club with Phillips Dog Band. Wendy Murray and The Charmonies Michelle Hargreaves with Jazzy Chats

Pine Agility Dog Sports Club

Showcasing agility as an excellent sport for both dogs and handlers. An enjoyable way to train desirable behaviours in your dog.