Why become a Member?

Most often these types of halls are owned by the Council as a Community Centre, and as such, Council would have a duty of care to keep the building in good condition. The Cedar Creek Public Hall is wholly owned by the community, giving the community this responsibility. Repairs, and ongoing maintenance are a necessary part of keeping all buildings in good order. The age of the Cedar Creek Public Hall means that the building is always in need of some TLC. Also one of the very large outgoings to keep the Hall as a usable building is the Insurance to cover the Hall and her visitors. By becoming a member, your ongoing commitment to paying membership will go towards upkeep.


What do you receive when you become a member?


All our members will be emailed updates on the Halls progress; this will keep you up to date on both the Hall itself and upcoming happenings within the Hall. Being informed on the progress of the Hall and all events creates a shared interest with other like-minded people; your support and help will continue the Hall’s history and maintain the Cedar Creek Public Hall’s  presence in our community. Our members will be the first people we reach out to for assistance with anything at the Hall that the Management Committee members are not able to go at alone. 


Membership is only $10 per person, and when possible just a little of your time if you have the opportunity to pitch in if ever needed. This is a great way to connect with new people and strengthen relationships in our community, which is a win-win for all of us and the Cedar Creek Public Hall.


We believe our members will assist to strengthen relationships and strengthen the community as a whole.


ABN 98 060 764 067


 Annual membership fee is $10.00 per person. 1st Sept to 30th Aug. 

Please pay by direct debit into our Bendigo Bank Samford bank account 

Account Name: Cedar Creek Public Hall Inc 

BSB: 633-000 

Account number: 137047668 

Reference: Membership + full name(s) 

Please note: confirmation of your membership will be registered on receipt of your fee. 

Larger donations are always welcome


 The objectives of the Cedar Creek Public Hall Incorporated Association are in line with the Hall’s philosophy statements and are — 

1. To raise funds to maintain and improve the Hall and its facilities, ensuring the buildings are safe, attractive, and remarkable reflecting the heritage of the area 

2. To foster and maintain awareness of the history of Cedar Creek Public Hall, and its surroundings 

3. To foster a growth of appreciation, understanding and knowledge of the biodiversity of our surroundings given the unique geographical position 

4. To be inclusive of all lifestyles, cultures, and generations, and collaborating with groups for the youth, aged and those experiencing disadvantage 

5. To ensure the community is provided with the opportunity to hire, share, care and have fun through a 

diversity of activities by promoting the use of the Hall 

The Hall for All : All for The Hall