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About the Cedar Creek Public Hall and the local community.

The Cedar Creek Public Hall started construction by the community for the community in 1924 as a memorial hall to the fallen in the First World War. A hub for the community to come together; over the years, the Hall hosted dances raising funds for Brisbane, Dayboro, and Samsonvale Ambulance. During the Second World War, it was customary for the community to send away its soldiers with a dance and a presentation of a wallet filled with donated money and a watch. The Hall has an Honour Board to remember those locals who served in this conflict.
The advent of the motor car, sophisticated home entertainment and a change in social interaction found the events the Hall had been well known for diminishing. Over the years the long term loss in activity at the Hall began to take its toll on her upkeep; with expensive insurances to be paid, the priority, ongoing upkeep was unachievable. At one stage it had been considered that the Hall should find a new life at the Samford Showgrounds. However, it was unlikely an expense the council was able to absorb, in efforts to rally the community Robert Backhouse invited interested citizens to discuss the future of the hall.
Over the more recent years, the committee formed around 2007, bought to the Hall the infamous Welcome to Winter party, or as many know it “the soup party” one of many successful events that the committee of this time achieved. The successful outcome of those events bought a new lease on life to the hall, with a new coat of paint and many additional areas receiving some overdue TLC.
November 2020 found a new committee form with many "newbies" coming together, supported by some long term members that were able to assist in guiding the team. A lot was achieved over 2021 to bring the Cedar Creek Public Hall in to a new era, forming an on-line documents account for ease of access and filing. Additionally, The Cedar Creek Pubic Hall, Closeburn, Facebook page was created, sharing updates and images to name a couple of changes. This year also brought back some well needed fund-raising events; residents and local passers-by enjoyed catching up for our “supporting local” fair, and we enjoyed hosting a Halloween-themed sausage sizzle.
With many more events planned we look forward to seeing the Hall become a community hub again. A place to come together, share stories, have fun and laugh with each other to create new memories.

We would like to thank the community for their assistance in fundraising, and being involved in the events, our thoughts and thanks to everyone past and present for supporting the Cedar Creek Public Hall.

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Many hands make light work

There is always something going on behind the scene, with the committee and members working hard to keep things spic and span.

All jobs, great and small

Even the spaces we don't always think about need some TLC! Clean up days, and our events can be a great opportunity to get to know a new person from around the area.