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Cedar Creek Public Hall

The Cedar Creek Public Hall is wholly owned by the community; it is a little treasure, a piece of history that has brought families and friends together since 1924. The ongoing events at the hall continue to bring people together and in addition assist fund-raising to allow us to keep her in good condition.

We value your support and look forward to seeing you at many future events!

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What's on at Cedar Creek Public Hall

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Thank Goodness it's Friday! We have saved the last Friday of the month for the local community! Grab the family and some friends and come and enjoy a burger or sausage sizzle, and a good yarn at the Hall. We will be selling soft drinks as well and when we can slip them in, a dessert of two! Feel free to bring a picnic rug, some nibbles and your favourite Friday arvo beverage. What better way to kick-start the weekend than a catch-up with old friends and make new ones. There are games for the kids available and plenty of room for them to run off some energy. Let us be your host, so you can relax, TGIF is a great way to get the family away from technology and see the kids enjoying the great outdoors.

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Soup Day

The infamous "welcome to winter party' has always been a hit and is a great fund-raiser for the Hall. This event usually kicks off at 2pm and finishes just after sunset, and you can take time to mill around the fire pits which gives a great campfire vibe. This is a bigger day than our TGIF events and we encourage you to bring your picnic rug and extra goodies for this day as well. We will, of course be selling soup!, home baked goods, and soft drinks. Oh! remember to bring your favourite soup cup! For this event to be a big success, we do rely on our local culinarians expertise from the community to donate a home-cooked favourite!

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Market Fair

Our supporting local, market fair is a great way for our talented community to showcase their products and services. We will be hosting two events with a day event in the cooler months and a twilight event in the warmer months. Our supporting local, market fair is also a perfect opportunity for the greater community to take some time to come to the fair and enjoy the sites that Samford and the surrounding area have to offer. Come for the day or make time to pop in if you are out this way on a day trip! We have such a talented community and love supporting locally grown, handmade and ethically sourced products. The fair is an event with lots to see and do and a nice way to shop for that perfect gift or home-grown goodies.